SUMMARY: Luther hallucinates that he and Kojo are friends. Kojo and Luther are allies and Zeke is the enemy.

"Hey, Zeke" said Luther

"What?" said Zeke finishing his skateboard he built out of wood shop.

"Well what if Kojo and I were allies?" said Luther.

"That's a silly question." said Zeke.

"No, no Zeke, I'm just saying." said Luther.

"Well I don't know!" said Zeke.

Luther walked home with a puzzling look as he bumped into Kojo who had really hard gear on. Then he fell into a deep sleep where he woke up in his own parallel universe.

The next day Luther knocked on Zeke's door which wasn't actually Zeke's door, but Jumpsuit Johnson.

"You rotten kid!" said Jumpsuit.

"Sorry, I didn't know!" said Luther. Then he bumped into Kojo, this time he didn't get hurt.

"Hey, Luth!" said Kojo.

"What loser?" said Luther.

"You're talking to me like that, bud!" said Kojo. " We only trash talk Zeke!"

"I thought Zeke and I we're friends!" said Luther.

"In your own universe!"

"Yeah! This isn't my universe!" "I need to get out of this fantasy!"

"What fantasy?"

"I'm not from this universe, Koj!" said Luther