Oliva Is Zeke Valconi's next door neighbor and the model for the Langley Olives Company, she talks with a posh britsh accent as shown in the episode Tunnel Of Terror when Zeke's skateboard rolled out of the tunnel everyone though he was dead olivia said "Fair thee well i hardly knew you".


Before olivia moved to Eisenhower she modelled with Rutger Murdoch AKA Adventure boy (he apeared in the episode 'Adventure Boy'). Olivia has a crush on zeke too but hides her feelings for him like he does for her.

Olivas British talkEdit

Oliva Speaking in a posh britis acent so she must be from London

Oliva A random Americans supposed responce

Fare thee well Bye Mate *siniffles*

Large Pastry Big Doughnut

That was a royal flop That sucked dude *laughs loudly*